Coaching is the art of facilitating the performance, learning, and development of another.

- Downey, Myles. Effective Coaching: Lessons from the Coach’s Coach. Thomson, 2003. 

Rapid change is a common element across organizations - its leaders and managers have to be equipped to lead transformation efforts effectively. E Squared Solutions provides customized coaching support to provide the skills needed to lead change, manage complexity, and build top performing teams to thrive under the most challenging conditions.

Our team members have coached hundreds of leaders and managers from a variety of industries to more effectively drive change and enable people-driven results. We utilize the GROW model with candidates to drive consistency in our coaching relationship.


Performance Improvement Coaching

Based on our experience, we recognize that training alone does not equip practitioners to execute initial performance improvement projects successfully on their own. We provide coaching to newly-trained practitioners such as Black Belts, Green Belts, and Yellow Belts to enable more effective project execution and results. In a recent engagement with a Fortune 100 organization, certification rates for practitioners who participated in consistent coaching exceeds 90%.

Coaching Leaders to Lead Change

A critical component of a successful transformation or change initiative is for senior leaders, managers, and supervisors to "walk-the-walk" by demonstrating actions and behaviors to support performance improvement within their organizations. We provide coaching to senior leaders, managers, and supervisors to see their organizations as value streams, manage visually, develop others to use disciplined problem solving, and enable front-line staff to implement tactical changes.

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