Source: Scott Keller and Colin Price, Beyond Performance: How Great Organizations Build Ultimate Competitive Advantage. 2011

Organizations that deploy performance improvement programs will experience these common challenges regarding change management. Change management strategies should be adopted to address these challenges and improve success of the program.

E Squared Solutions provides a cadre of change management support. Our team members are experienced in various change management models including Change Acceleration Process (CAP), ADKAR, and the Kotter 8-step Process.

Change management services can include:

  • Development of the reasons for change (vision), and helping the sponsor communicate the vision.
  • Identification of "change agents" and others who need to be involved in specific change activities, and who can then act as ambassadors for change.
  • Conducting stakeholder analysis and defining the nature of sponsorship, involvement and communication that will be required.
  • Performing change readiness assessments to understand the scope, impact, past successes and culture and responsiveness to change.
  • Development of communication plans to address how and when the changes will be communicated, and organizing and/or delivering the communications messages.
  • Conducting risk assessment to assess the impact of the changes on people and the organization's structure.
  • Assessing training needs driven by the change, and planning and developing training programs.
  • Identification and monitoring of the success indicators for change, and developing data collection and reporting mechanisms.